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Valvosanitaria Bugatti was established in 1948 at Lumezzane in the province of Brescia through the initiative of Domenico Bugatti, who began producing brass taps and cable glands, continuing the craft activity begun by Emiliano Bugatti 10 years before.

Over time the activity specialized in the production of ball valves, while in 1984 the company transferred to its new headquarters in Castegnato and became a limited liability company in 1988.

In 2011 the company built its nearly 7,500 sq. m new warehouse, which ensures efficient organization of the stores and allowed faster delivery.

The company’s growth and success are determined by continual technological and financial investments in research and new product study and design, state-of-the-art machineryhighly qualified personnel and the great attention paid to the clients.

Today the Castegnato factory is used for the entire production destined mainly all to the overseas market.

In 2018 the Bugatti company celebrated 70 years of presence in the valve market and is surely rated as one of the major leaders in the sector.

Its daily mission is to offer clients innovative solutions and products personalized by High Italian Quality, in addition to the standard productiona prerequisite made possible by the flexibility and the experience developed over the years.



Over the years Valvosanitaria Bugatti has managed to foresee and anticipate changes thanks to continual comparison with other companies, both national  both international.

Valvosanitaria Bugatti is certified in accordance with international standard UNI EN ISO 9001/2000 which is a tangible sign of recognition of the countries in which it operates.

The company uses an organization and training program for personnel that allows the testing, maintaining and improvement of the level of control also through a corporate policy of respect for the environment and protection of the health and safety of the personnel.


Valvosanitaria Bugatti has reached the highest level of quality for its products also through its selection of raw materials.

In fact, the Castegnato company uses only brass bars heat forged by the best Italian moulds, while the semi finished products as subjected to the strictest quality controls as soon as they enter the factory and before being placed into the production cycle.

Each Valvosanitaria Bugatti product is not only guaranteed in terms of quality but it is also insured with a first-rate insurance company for any damage that its malfunctioning could cause, thus showing extra attention to the client.